Strong performance – AllBlues vs WAD: 56-0

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Okay, raise your hand if you thought that the game on 18 October against WAD would be a piece of cake? I must admit I did, and when I saw that WAD only had 13 girls I was sure of it.

So when the game started, I do believe that we were not all focused straight away. And although in 20 minutes we had scored 4 tries by Hanneke, Loes (twice) and Paula, the score remained 27-0 for the rest of the 1st half. This might be because quickly after the 4th try Tamara had to go off after a great tackle, which gave her a nice egg on her head. But even though our flankers Crissy and Melanie (with her combination of fun and fierceness and a hint of crazy as she keeps screaming ‘I’m a unicorn’) were eager, ready and quick and made great attacks and tackles, we couldn’t get through the defence of WAD.

We had an overfull squad and so our eager players started to join the opponent. At the end of the first half it was Simone who had walked over to the dark/purple side. It was great to see how she went from centre to prop and many other places. Her ginger power was all over the pitch! This might be why we couldn’t score anymore, as some of our players were probably too flabbergasted to keep their heads in their game. But it wasn’t just because of our own game that we didn’t score, it was also the great determination of the WAD players who just didn’t let anyone through. Even though they were with less players and their lines were less organised then ours (if your flyhalf is also your first centre you are very creative) WAD just went for it. It was great to see and it made this match still exciting, no way that this was gonna be a walkover.

Half time. Time to focus girls, we can step up. Back on the pitch it was Joyce who turned on her booster power after she was high tackled. With some great side steps and power throughout her body, she passed everyone and landed a beautiful try. Giselle made the conversion and the score was 34-0.

By the way; in the second half Gies gave up her position as scrum half to Mara as it was her last match before her great trip Down Under as Gies will start a rugby adventure in Australia in November! And someone needs to lead us the way she always does, so listen up Mara, this is how Gies does it:
– be crazy and don’t be afraid to hide it
– give positive and clear feedback
– shake you up if your head is not in the game or put your ass back into your bubble as Gies calls it (which translates into ‘focus on your own game and let me worry about the rest’)
– irritate the other team (both the players and the supporters) by being so damn quick
– show your teammates how it’s done by playing with determination, power, clear game knowledge and loads of fun (oh and tears if we do loose because of our own damn fault, which hasn’t happened in a long while now thankfully).
Gies; thank you for leading our team both officially and unofficially. You definitely are an inspiration to all of us!

But Mara I believe you’ll be fine so no worries. Although the shoes you have to fill are big, it’s better to create your own set of shoes. That way we can carefully store Gies’s shoes so she can get back into them when she returns (am I still making sense?).

Okay, so it’s 34-0 and we still had our Booster players on the side line who were getting ready to go in, warm, eager and ready to tackle some purple shirts no matter who’s in it. Michelle came off and Renske went in. And the first thing Michelle did was put on a purple jersey and run back onto the pitch. Oh boy, this was gonna get interesting. Unfortunately WAD had some injuries, so they were still with less people I heard some complaining today about having to scrum against Michelle which gave our girls both sore muscles and nightmares last night. But still the All Blues ladies (in the blue shirts) were too strong for the purple shirts. Paula made a beautiful break and just before she was tackles made an off load to Loes who scored her third try! Whihooo 39-0; eat that Michelle and Simone!

Time for another sub, Cristina had to come off. Like a young puppy she was bouncing and begging to go back in, as soon as the coach of WAD heard this he gave her a purple jersey and off she went. SImone soon decided that she had had enough, although this might be because of the beautiful new tattoo on her food of two studs right in the middle, ahhh team love and dedication, if all else fails; step on their foot, even if its usually your own teammate (oh and best friend).

So WAD was still going strong and yes by this time I found myself cheering for the purple jerseys! Especially when Hanneke was taken off. Patrick clearly told  Brian: ‘we are not going to give them Hanneke – she will kill everyone’. As Brian agreed and said; ‘Yeah, she’s a mad horse that one!’
It might have been this remark or just the fact that Hanneke really is a mad horse, but in she went with a purple jersey and indeed tackled the hell out of our own girls!

Our great scrum half Mara made a beautiful pass to Giselle who scores; 44-0. Quickly after Gies even fooled our own teammates with a beautiful dummy after which she could run deep into their 22 but unfortunatly popped the ball too hard for Loes to catch it. But only seconds later it’s Joyce who made the next try. With conversion it’s now 51-0.

One of our new and brilliant assets of this year is Maureen. With her fierce attitude and fearless runs she gained a lot of meters for the All Blues and made some beautiful runs. WAD also made some beautiful tackles and unfortunately their little steam roller ran over Maureen on the sideline cause otherwise she would even scored! Well played though Maureen, it was an absolute pleasure to watch.

Last minute and a last scrum. We’re on their 5 meter line and Mara makes a quick pass to Gies who makes her last try for the All Blues this season (cause she will be back next year, we’ll drag her back!) Final score; 56-0

After the match and the showers it was time to do what the All Blues do best (next to playing rugby); we had a bake-off and all kind of brilliant things landed on the table. Next to two very weird and disturbingly concealed bottles. It was also time for a court session! Melanie and Giselle received a well deserved farewell. As we are gonna miss them both.

It was hard to determine our woman of the match, but as Joyce was the example on how to push through, but also have fun she definitely earned our trofee Fluffers! (Joyce give us a picture please of Fluffers!)

Sylvia Bruinsma

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