Een bitter verlies tegen AAC

nov 132017
Sunday November 12, start of the 2nd phase of the competition with an away game against AAC. 
With 9 injuries and 3 players not available we knew it would be a challenge too win.
Gina was there to support the team for the last time before going back home.
Thanks Gina for your support, you are a great person.
The weather was ok despite of a little rain now and then, too bad we had to play on the artificial pitch BUT with a lot of players in positions they are not used to, we started at 13.00.
AAC was the better team, the ref did a good job AND in my opinion giving the circumstances the All Blues did well. 
We could stop them pretty well with the forwards, but they kept on scoring wide.
The score ….. they scored 4 tries in the last 8 minutes of the game and that shouldn’t have happened. We have to keep on going till the bitter end. 
We had a few moments that we could or maybe even should have scored, but ..  we didn’t. 
The All Blues worked hard and in the first five minutes we could stop them and work on our offence / game plan.
The moment AAC got the ball in their line they immediately played to the wing and she scored. They repeated this a few times during the game.
We should have slowed down the game down a bit to save energy, but we started to play in their tempo and we couldn’t follow.
Carolien and Amber had to stop due to an injury and we had no more subs left. This meant we all had to play the rest of the game.
In the 2nd half we could stop AAC from scoring for 15 minutes, which was very good, then the last 8 minutes…..
I would like to mention a few players without forgetting the rest.
* Marsha was injured but made a hell of a lot of tackles AND a try saving tackle in the last minutes of the game, Chapeau.
* Myf stopped everything around the ruck.
* Mau was back on the pitch and I think you could hear her scream in Hilversum. Love it.
* Giselle, you are a true captain, for better and worse.
* Aude doesn’t miss any tackles
* Crissy must have a problem getting out of bed the next few days, if you play center instead of hooker and have to run that much.. top !
Points of improvement:
* Read their game plan and try to stop it.
* tackle low 
* carry the ball and protect it 
* put line pressure on them 
* physical condition 
* all the players must know the play book 
* CLEAN a ruck !
*You can ALL be proud of the performance today, except for the last 8 minutes. 
* They were the better team , this time.
* Can’t wait to see you play them when the team is complete.
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