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nov 132017

Dear All Colt followers
Saturday the 11th November was the last game of the first phase of the Cup competition, against Hilversum.

As followers of our Colts you will have read on our struggles with defence this year, more than normal. We, the coaches and trainers, with the boys have been working hard on it. However the progress is not as fast as we would wish for.
So this game would be a test of that progress. The field was good, but the weather was cold and windy.

After observing a silence before the game for a Hilversum junior who died the previous week. We kicked off with the windy behind us. Hilversum touched the ball, but failed to hold and went into touch. Line-out, won and the game now really started. The pattern of plan that followed was realatively equal contest in the forwards, with both sides big forwards carrying hard and being brought to ground quite efficiently. The ball would then move to the backs and even with us not playing on song, we still edged to the backs play, except for their kick chase play.

With the game moving to and fro, our edge in the backs and some accurate kicking, we pressured Hilversum’s line. With penalties now coming our way, Hilversum slow to retreat and a quick tap and go. A slice of luck and try was made. 0-7

The game was now played between the 22’s, with Hilversum upping 2 aspects of their game. Firstly the intensity at breakdown, somewhat illegal, but if the referee allows….The second aspect was to start irritating the referee, leading to a number of needless/helpful penalties, depending on how you look at it. So now we kicked these penalties to the corners, Hilversum was once again defending their line. Finally, with the envitable penalty, an over eager tap and go, driven back, pick and go, and again. Fortunately, and I mean fortunately, the referee awarded a second try. 0-12

From the restart, Hilversum pressed in our half and struggled to make any impression, until the kick chase worked and a score in the corner. 7-12

The second half was similar, but with fatigue in some of the players on both sides, game started to open up a little more. Although we were making changes of personnel, the team kept its structure and were generally edging all aspects of game. The difference between the two teams was basically higher level skills and greater discipline.

Now, back to the game. We were pushing hard to the Hilversum line and the discipline aspect, would see the scrum-half yellow carded, react badly to this and see it become red.

From this a sequence of line-out, ruck, ruck, scrum. Now from the scrum only 5m out we went for the direct solution. In youth rugby there is no such thing as a push over try. So, ball to back, scrum half out, simple crash centre play. Run through 3 players, score. 7-19

The weather was not pleasant, the game was messy, but a step forward. Now there are another couple of weeks to bring our defence and attack to a higher level.

Thanks to the parents in attendance, Andy and the players, Melvin, Gabby, Juriaan, Bassie, Ruben, Berend, Jake (c), Jade, Borre, Conan, Wouter, Jop, Wibo, Broer, Lex, Tom, Iggy, Raphael, Amon, Leylan, Kees, Biagio

More pictures of the game can be found on facebook

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