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sep 192017


*English report below*

Zaterdag 16 september 2017 reizen de ARC Colts vol goede moment en met gezonde spanning af naar de Dukes in Den Bosch.

We beginnen goed aan de wedstrijd en krijgen een penalty die raak wordt benut door Borre Combee 0-3. Dan komen gelijk de Dukes goed terug en volgt er een try in de hoek 5-3. De ARC Colts pakken snel weer op en dankzij een try van Amon Melissen, helaas wel een gemiste conversie is het 5-8, wat tevens de ruststand is. Dat biedt hoop voor de 2e helt!

Echter de Dukes pakken snel op, hebben wat wisselingen gemaakt binnen het team en dat blijkt goed uit te pakken, 12-8 en al snel volgen er nog 2 goede trys dus staat het 24-8. Oei dat is wel heel vervelend! We proberen nog weer even terug te komen, dat lukt aardig want een mooie try dankzij goede invalbeurt van Wouter Habing, helaas gemiste conversie uit de linkerhoek, 24-13. Helaas is de tijd te kort, want er zou bijna weer een try komen in de rechterhoek, maar de referee fluit af! Eindstand dus 24-13!

Heel jammer uiteraard maar op naar volgende week, 23 september speelt ARC Colts thuis in Amstelveen om 13:00 uur, tot dan!

Natasja Veldman (moeder 2e jaars colts Borre Combee)

Ps. Ook live tweets volgen met standen van #arccolts, dat kan, kijk op mijn twitter (ben er vaak ;-)!


Dear All Colt followers,
This week’s game was away against Dukes and weather was dry and cloudy.

We went with 17 players as there were an unusually high number of players unavailable. Proceed with what you have…

The game began and being Dukes, was physical and the contact strongly contested. Dukes used their forwards to good effect, but the back line was less precise and would see Dukes lose some of the metres gained by the forwards.

With the ball being chased down and turn overs coming, our backs were moving the ball with speed and accuracy (mostly) and were finding gaps, regularly pressing up field, gaining 30m/40m. Unfortunately, that final break would elude us. The subsequent break-downs were messy, partly our own fault, but the referee was rather lacks here.

Despite wasting a number of promising opportunities, we did get to within striking distance of the Duke line. Penalty under posts, 3 points.

We then went through an almost identical sequence, but this time we ended with a penalty off to the side. We opted for a scrum, but referee decided we were not allowed to. ????
So tap and go, big hit up and then spread wide. Stopped short, by a metre or so. Forwards came and pick and go, then again and again. Now, personally I like a couple of quick big hit-ups and then spread the ball pushing through a gap. The forwards, however, went 4 or 5 times and then when they ran out of steam, only then was the ball played out. To slow and so defence was re-organised. It also did not help Dukes were 5m off-side. Still we should have been smarter. Dropped ball, seen turn-over, with Dukes making 60m before we got re-positioned.

The break-downs were not quite free-for-alls, but not far from it. Dukes were now starting to pick-up regular penalties at the break-down for handling, not rolling away etc. Although, good to have the penalties, I would rather have seen cards, several, and cleaner break-downs, which would have been the best way forward. We on the other hand started being penalised for off-side. Way too much. And as the game progressed and the break-downs continued to be messy, we started to add stupid penalties as we tried to police the break-downs ourselves. Frustratingly dumb.

Back to the game. We kept pushing and controlled territory, with the line-out now becoming a factor, we threatened the try line. It was still some time before we actually did get the try, rewarding the effort. 0-8

At this point, if we had not squandered so much of our earlier possession we might well have been more confident. Alas, we were not. As with the game last year Dukes were finding a working pattern of play and started to make inroads. From the side-line, it was the failed tackles that were the main reason for this change in balance on the field. There were to many going high and being pushed off, to many trying to tackle with arms, instead of shoulders and to many waiting for the player to come to them. Guess what Tuesday’s training is going to be focussed on.

Dukes first try, yes more followed, was a result of a high-tackle, then off-side and then another break-down penalty. Then some missed tackles and across the line. 5-8

The game from this point was played around the half-way point, with both teams surrendering possession and then scavengering it back.

The half-time talk was over the tackle, off-side, moving ball out (not back to break-down) and finally, tactical kicking to play in Dukes 22m.

I know this is what I said, but it seems that was not the message received. As the tackles did not improve, players kept running back inside to Dukes defence and the kicking was poor and handed to ball to Dukes to run it back.

This would see the shift at the end of the first half to Dukes continue. Dukes now showing greater urgency and fluency in attack, helped none-the-less by poor tackling. This would see Dukes simple, effective direct running and off-load game punish us with 3 tries. Good scores, made easier by our failures to play in the right half of the field. 24-8

Well with Dukes now in firm control, the team belatedly started getting the ball behind Dukes and pressured the wingers and full-back. This would then form the platform for our final structured attack with forwards and backs setting-up clean, quick ball for an excellent try in the corner. 24-13

Now, another game we showed the better rugby, but failed to deliver. Although, several things need to be addressed, the players themselves know what they are. They are not physically difficult, but more mental, ie doing your job first and trusting the man next you.

Next week, we are at home against a strong Rotterdam team.

Thanks to Andy, parents and physio for supporting. And thanks to;
Melvin, Jake (c), Juriaan, Bassie, Ruben, Quinten O, Berend, Jade, Borre, Conan, Broer, Amon, Jop, Wibo, Leylan, Wouter and Raphael.

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