All Blues win a thrilling game against AAC

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Its sunday and for the first time in weeks this means Rugby!

The ladies from the All Blues were all ready and to be honest, at warmup the tension was absolutely there in the team. I mean; we were playing AAC. National champions! And the results in the competition showed that they could be defeated. So how would we do, how strong are we and how would we do without some of our key players? It was time to find out.

13.00: Kick off

Both teams are ready and go in hard.

13.07: The AB take over: Scrum —> Giselle —> Joyce —> Gies —> TRYYYYY

Score: 5-0

This try showed great teamwork and great finishing and was exactly what the team needed to shrug off the tension. We can do this! Let’s do this!

Both AAC and All Blues started fighting and gave a brilliant rugby show. Good passes, great defense and good drive on both sides.

13.21: The All Blues fight in their own 22 for a small 5 minutes. AAC keeps on going, but just before they dive over the try line they make a forward pass. We get the ball back and thankfully Isis kicks it back into the center of the field.

Time to get the ball back.

13.25: AAC breaks through and scores between the post.

Score: 5-7

Time to get back girls! A few firm words from Gies and Joyce and the girls get their act together. Ready to fire it up!

13.27: We’re back! Our fly-half Isis, who played 10 for the first time, made a great break straight through the gap of AAC’s line. Makes meters but gets tackled by the full back. But…! Bodil was in support! With a great pop Bodil takes over and finishes it perfect in between the post.

Score: 12-7 Hatsé! Let’s keep this going girls?

And they did.

13.30: This time it’s Isis herself who puts the ball under the post. Wrong line out —> aac back 10 —> Joyce made a break —> Isis in assist —> pass —> run Isis —> try under the post

Score: 19-7

But AAC knows how to fight and they keep the game moving. And of course so does the All Blues. The forwards go hard, the line is fast and although not everyone is in their normal position the teams is on fire.

13.48: Half time
The girls huddled up, got some good focus points and a brilliant motivational talk (‘this will be the hardest 40 minutes of your rugby career, so lets keep on fighting! Not dirty, but hard. As a team, we fight for each other!’).

13.55: They were ready to kick ass!

And so was AAC

13.57: Damnit, AAC found the try line

Score: 19-12

14.00: YES! So did the All Blues! Joyce found a break. Isis is in support and gets the ball the moment Joyce is tackled. But AAC has some players left between her and the try line. Two meters before the try line Isis also gets tackled but doesn’t stop and dives between the poles over the line!

Score: 26-12

The girls keep working hard and for the next 30 minutes the All Blues is slightly stronger, but not strong enough to make it pas the defense of AAC. Even when we have to play with 14 because of an injury we still keep the fighting for every ball. Every tackle is made and every attack by AAC stopped. The girls keep the fire going and the focus high!

14.32 This time it’s Amy who turns her motor on and speeds through. No way you can tackle her!

Score: 31-12

AAC doesn’t quite and keeps fighting for the next 6 minutes, but we have this and won’t give them any inch.

14.38: The final whistle. It really happened; we just beat AAC and with a great team effort!

Special mention to Miranda who was shining in her old spot even tough it was years since she played second row. To Michelle who worked hard in the scrums out of position and of course in the field with every hamer move. To Robbin who was back after a long head injury and played as if she hasn’t been away at all! To Bodil for being back from Australia and shining! To Amy who worked her ass off running left and right in both defense and attack. But most importantly to Isis! Who played 10 for the first time and managed to multitask the line, see the breaks and get in support every single time!

And at the same time, a great shout out to the whole team. Cause you played as a team, with your heads held high, the focus on and the will to win every single ball and make every single tackle. You all rocked it Sunday! And there are 4 more brilliant matches to go!

Coming Sunday it’s time to face the Bassets! A game where every extra supporter extra can make a difference. So come and shout and scream and dance and feel that great vibe that the All Blues have going. It is gonna be an awesome match, that much we know. See you Sunday!

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