All Blues vs. Tilburg

okt 172017

15 oktober, facing Tilburg for the second time but now at our homepitch.

With a lot of injuries and a lot of people who could not make it we had to change the line up a bit, putting people at a position they haven’t played at or haven’t played it for a long time. But still we had a strong team standing and we were ready to play.

The first 20 minutes were really tight, there defence was really hard to break trough but our defence was also really strong. Both teams were struggeling to make the first try. After about 15 min our new youngster Isis broke trhough and scored the first try with the kick missed from Marsha the score became 5-0 for the all blues. But Tilburg saw a chance and with there heads high they came back from a penalty against the All Blues and scored the try with their very big forward who really wanted to score that try, with the kick missed the score became 5-5. With 10 min left on the first half Tilburg took up the tempo and unfortunate penalties what lead to another try for Tilburg. The conversion was made wch brings the score to 5-12 and brings us at the end of the first half.

With a good peptalk everybody was on fire and ready to go for the second half. We started really strong and we saw the try-line, with an amazing quick tap and a wide ball from Simone to Carolien who broke trough and scored a try but the ball slipped out of the hands when was already on the ground the referee didn’t gave the try but a knock-on. We were so close that we really wanted that try and fought for the ball back. With a line break from Marsha the score and a missed kick the score became 10-12. Now both of the teams became really tired and there were a lot of mistakes, the forwards going in to much and the backs dropping balls. With 10 minutes on the clock we did everything we could to make a third try for Tilburg not happening and went for the bonus point.

Final score 10-12, what gives us a bonus point so we are in the top 3 of our poule.

At the end we did what we could, we gave everything but we had not the results we wanted but we are still in the top 3.

Next week AAC, lets finish this with a good and strong game!

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