All Blues verovert de koppositie

sep 192017

The team was fired up and ready to go. We had one goal and that was to win this match so that we would have a solid place in the first poule. With a brilliant line on the field this should be doable, but still; it’s the beginning of the season, we have some new players and we have to find each other and grow as a team.

The match started with our kick-off and Tilburg came bursting in with their power and strength. But their first attack resulted straight away in a turn over. The ball got into the line, Erin turned her legs on for a good 60 meters and went straight for the try line. Bam; first minute, first try. With the conversion of Maaike we started of with a good 0-7 on the board.

The team of Tilburg is a strong and physical team with a good and experienced forwards pack and a backline with good potential, but who still need to grow a little. This made the match good to watch and the supporters were shouting hard for both team.

The first 20 minutes try’s were made by the All Blues; Robin, scored, Erin scored again and again. The legs of the backs were on fire!
Another kickoff and Tilburg went for it. With their power and our focus off they went straight through and scored. 5-22, time to put the focus on again.

The forwards worked hard and solid and the try line came closer with every phase. A penalty kick from Maaike made the score 5-25, and which was the score at half time. Time for a breather and time for our super subs. Miranda and Isis came on for the backs. Kendra came in for the forwards and later in the second half Marsha and Tamara came on.

It was Marsha’s first time back after a knee injury so it was time to test her body and her speed. It started with a scrum for the all blues. Marsha got the ball ran all over the field, did a stop step and a try from Marsha. Yup; the body and the speed both worked fine!

The forwards were working hard and worked their way to the try line. with a lot of pick and go’s we were only 3 meters away from the try line and maaike picks up the ball and dives to the try line. Hatse, Maaike is fully back at the All Blues. Good to have you with us Ginger!

Time for another scrum for the all blues, Maaike gets the ball and kicks it. Marsha and Erin chase the ball. Erin is full on the full back and tackled her. Straight after, Isis was there to steal the ball from their full back and made her first try as an All Blues, and it was so awesome!

With two more try’s for Erin in the second half and a good team try for Tilburg the score need with 12-56. It was a good match for the team. The forwards did their job really good and worked really hard so the ball could easily go to the backs. Without the hard work of the forwards all these awesome try’s wouldn’t be possible! it was a good game and we definitely won as a team. We come one!!

Woman of the match was Myfanwy, because she worked as a lion and made such a difference on the field! Well done Myf!

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