All Blues te sterk voor Delft

feb 072017

After 7 weekends of rest and a winterstop including Tabata/Cross fit training that made us walk funny for several days it was time to continue the Championship poule and battle against the strongest of the country.

Sunday we had to play Delft and they had shown us before that they are definitely good enough to end up in the final. But we could too, we just had to show it.

With a strong team and a good focus the game started and the forwards from both teams were straight in the fight. Delft made ground and quickly found themselves in our 22. Time for so safety work; Marsha kicked the ball out and the All Blues fought their way back with great defense and got hold of the ball. Time for equally good offense.

Step by step the All Blues gained ground. A lineout in their 22 gave the forwards the chance to get our long trained maul into action. And we were on fire, gained ground and got the ball out safely. It went into the line, and after a good ruck the ball got to Gina. She crossed with Robin who shot through the only possible gap that Delft had. Her speed was amazing and she put the ball next to the poles. 5-0, damn! We were on fire! And while all the girls were cheering Marsha collected her calm and kicked the ball straight through the poles. 7-0 and 15 minutes played.

The next 20 minutes both teams worked hard and the ball went back and forth. But just before half time time Gina found the try line and scored! 12-0! After another good focus Marsha unfortunately hit the crossbar and bounced off.

Half time, 12-0

Now the first 5 minutes are crucial, said Marc during half time. If we score then we can break them and finish the game.

Back on the field it took us a bit more then 5 minutes but we ended finding our Backs agains. Robin shot through and made a beautiful offload to Sanne. She put on her power and with Annemarije was in her back for support she found the try line and scored! 17-0! Unfortutaly the conversion was missed, so focus on and time to break Delft.

But Delft did not twitch and kept on fighting. They were eager to get their try and kept on going with strong runs and great defense. Their try was well deserved, but it showed the All Blues to step it up! 17-7

Half way through the second half, the All Blues found themselves near the try line again. A ruck was formed, Annemarije collected the ball and shot it wide to Gina who worked her legs and her power straight through the defense of Delft. There was no stopping her! With the conversion of Marsha it was 24-7.

20 minutes to go and with the focus back on, the All Blues went for another try. Again we found our backs and again our forwards were there to help them out. From our own 22 Sanne went for a beautiful strong run and was tackled just before entering the 22 of Delft. With Joyce in her back she made a great offload and Joyce put her power on. Sidestep one, sidestep two, shrugging off girls as if they were flies and unstoppable she made it to the try line and scored! With a finish of Marsha the score was 31-7!

But still Delft did not give up and kept on going for another try. Our defense was good, but unfortunately not 100% rock solid and after several rucks in our 22 Delft found the gap and scored. 31-14, a score that showed the strengths of both teams and showed that the All Blues are also a team to watch, we might just make it to the final too! Step by step we will get there!

A big thank you to all our supporters and to Plácidoint for making the match notes! See you next time!

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