All Blues start het seizoen met winst

sep 122017

The first game of the season is very exciting for both parties. We started good and left a good impression for the opponent. The first try started with a line out for the All Blues. The ball goes from Giselle Kleinen to Maaike Veldhuisen and she goes in and creates a ruck. Adriana Costa Souza picks up the ball and scores a try. The conversion is scored by Maaike. Welcome back, Maaike!

Next up a knock on by the Bassets. The scrum is for the All Blues. Gies runs on the blind side and passes the ball to Aylin Önsöz who scores a try.

Later in the first half the Bassets drop the ball. Gies picks the ball up from the ground between the 10 and the 22 meter line and runs towards the tryline. She scores a try and the conversion scored by Maaike.In the second half Maaike scored a penalty kick around 10 meters in front of the goal.

Final score: 10-22 win for All Blues. Great start of the season. Amazing defence with much pressure, especially in the first half. There are some points for improvement, but a satisfying first game of the season.

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