All Blues – RC Bassets

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Another Sunday, another game.
This weekend the All Blues ladies had to face Bassets for the second time this season. The first encounter had been an exciting and tough game so the ladies knew it was going to be hard work.

We started of strong, going forwards with a good attack from the backs and hard work for possesion from the forwards. And for a long period the All Blues ladies were playing in Bassets’ half looking to score a try. After a missed penalty from Maaike, the Bassets were trying to get a grip on the match and got their hands on the ball. Luckily our defence was strong and held the opposition from the try line. We didn’t let them score, but unfortunately we couldn’t get points on the board ourselves either. 
So at half time the score stayed at 0-0.
The second half started of strong for both teams, and again the All Blues ladies were looking to score. 
Even though we were dominant in the match, Bassets found a way to take advantage of an error and scored the first try of the game. With 25 minutes left to play and some serious injuries on our side, Bassets regained their strength and scored 3 more tries. Ending the game with a result of 24-0, reflecting the match poorly.

Our ladies can be proud of their hard work and dedication to the unfolding game plan. And a special mention to Indigo and Robin, whom thanks to their amazing work got named woman of the match. Good job ladies!!
Next week we will face Tilburg and proceed our progress.

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