A game between the number 2 and 3 of the Giro championspoule

jan 302018
K.O. all blues. From the first moment of contact we knew it was going to be a heavy and physical game. Delft started with a good attack but our defence was very strong. We were defending for a long time in our own 22, but we managed to turn the ball over and Marsha had a massive run into Delfts 22. 15 minutes in: we had a penalty in their 22. Unfortunately we made a mistake.. so we got a penalty against us.
Great tackles were made and the forward really needed to work hard, but we managed to keep Delft on their half of the field.
20 minutes in: we had a nice line-out followed by a kick and chase, which lead to an under pressure knock on by Delft. Unfortunately in the next coming minutes we got a lot of penalties against us. Therefore Delft could make lots of meters and managed to almost score a try in the corner of the field. Aud and Amy were able to push the legs of Delfst center out before she managed to put the ball to ground. No try! 
30 minutes in we were fighting as lions in our own 5 meter. But Delft didn’t manage to get through. We gained lots of meter, by backs and forwards working greatly together. After another 15 minutes of hard work we managed to get the first try of the game. Scored by Robin! 5-0!
REST…… (We were a bit too excited with our try before rest. So we discussed to keep our focus on point and play like the score was still 0-0)
K.O. Delft
In the beginning of the second half there were a lot of knock-ons, scrums and penalties against both teams. 
15 minutes in Maaike kicks the ball beautifully into Delfst 22. Time to attack again! We managed to gain 50m by a great offloading game. Half the team was part of this run.  We managed to get a scrum in delfts 22, which lead to a penalty right in front of the post. Maaike kicks! And 8-0 it is!
A few minutes later Joyce got a yellow card for a high tackle. So she needed to leave the pitch. But with 14 players on the pitch, Maaike turns over the ball which lead to a nice try of Robin (again). With conversion 15-0! 
Joyce was allowed to come back on the field, but 15 minutes before time Marsha got a yellow card for a high tackle. It feld like the game was going on for hours and ours, but Delft kept on fighting and the game goes back and forward. Unfortunately people got tired which lead to a lot of injuries in both teams. 
In the last few minutes delft managed to score a try. Our fullback Aud almost saved it… So the score we ended with was: 15-5
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