Masquerade ball

okt 252018

On November 10th ARC is inviting all Senior Teams and supporters to their first masquerade ball. 

The Club will open at 16:00 to show the international games that day, starting off with England vs New Zealand. After Wales and Australia had their match, the clubhouse will be transformed to a ballroom, still showing the later matches that day in the background. There will be food provided the whole day with more details to follow. 

While the Games are still showing, there will be time to proof our rugby song knowledge. Afterwards the dancefloor opens, and it will be time to bring on your best dance moves. Closing time will be at 1:00.

So, clear your schedules and mask up! The most impressive costumes will be looking at a nice little price.

“In a world where everyone is over exposed, the coolest thing you can do is to maintain your mystery.”

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