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ARC 2 verslaat URC2: 26-19

West-Friesland heeft vorige week verloren van Rush, waardoor voor ARC2 de wedstrijd tegen URC2 belangrijker werd om een gat te kunnen slaan voor de eerste plaats.
De eerste helft verliep rommelig waardoor ARC2 niet in zijn eigen spel kon komen. De scrums gingen goed en waren stabiel, maar in het losse werk was het een chaos. Doordat er bij ARC2 een aantal gaten in de verdediging vielen, zag URC2 kans om tries tegen te maken. Dankzij een aantal mooie moves van de backs lukte het Bart Volmer tot twee keer toe toch om door te breken en tries te drukken voor ARC2.
ARC2 ging de rust in met een achterstand van 12-14.
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ARC 1 loses to ASRV Ascrum 1: 14-22

Last Saturday saw us venture out to Geuzenveld for a match that on paper we were comfortably favourites to win. However, as even non-ardent followers of rugby will tell you – matches aren't won on paper.
The match began positively enough with a decisive line break in midfield by Nathan Daly. The Australian centre was able to maneouvre swiftly past his opposite number and hit Enzo Manenti in full stride. Manenti put the after burners on and and scored the try right underneath the posts for a simple conversion.
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ARC 2 defeats ASRV Ascrum 2: 30-10

Amstelveen's Gentlemen Warriors came from behind to claim top spot in the Derde Klasse Noordwest with a hard fought 20 point win last Sunday, November 2nd.

Running into a strong wind in the first half, we conceded an early try from an interception. However, Simon Wynn-Davies negotiated the breeze to steer through a penalty. This came after what can be only be called resolute defence from the visiting students.

ARC2-ASRV Ascrum2

Coming from behind: ARC 2 defeats ASRV Ascrum after trailing 3-10

The visitors hit back as well and crossed down their right wing. After this we regrouped and collectively said 'enough is enough.' From here on in our pack raised the intensity and consistently drove us forward. The forwards got their reward near half time as Danny Williams barged his way over for a try.

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ARC 3 defeats ASRV Ascrum 3: 43-21

We achieved our objective today by winning (and with a bonus point) our match against Ascrum 3. We kept our current winning streak alive and we have now won our last 3 consecutive matches.
We had some positive play, especially in the first half with some very good passage of play. But we had in front of us a very inexperienced team, and it showed in particular during the first 20 minutes of the match when they committed a series of errors and we were able to quickly convert those mistakes into points.
But as I mentioned on the pitch today, we really need to come together more as a team, we saw plenty of individual brilliance and great efforts, but we still lack more structure and we need to keep our organisation and game plan flowing for the entire match. And we need to keep the same intensity and determination for 80 minutes. Once more some lapses in focus and concentration in the second half lead to some "soft tries" for our opposition.
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ARC 1 loses to RC 't Gooi 1: 16-45

A second half fade out cost us an upset win away to 't Gooi in Naarden on Saturday, November 1st.
We began the match in dominant fashion, stringing phase after phase together and breaking the gainline out wide. Our pack was holding strong in the scrum, allowing clean ball for the halves to play with. The defence was desperate with some hard, low tackles being made by Daan Laurijsen and Thibault Casasole. The latter having to leave the field with a cut to his eyelid.
ARC1-t Gooi11 minute silence for Tom Cornwall before the game,
foto Henk de Best
Our first points came from the reliable boot of Danny Völker who, kicking with the aid of the breeze, slotted a penalty. The home side struck back quickly by putting us on to the back foot and then capitalising on an interception. However, two more penalties gave us a narrow lead 10 minutes before half time.
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