Amstelveense Rugby Club, THE international Rugby Club of Amsterdam!

Looking for a rugby team?

AMSTELVEENSE RC (ARC) plays in the Premier Division (Ereklasse) in the Netherlands and is on route to becoming a major force in Dutch rugby.

We welcome players from abroad - men and women - to join us and further strenghten our different sides.

The year 2013 is very special for ARC, as our youth division is celebrating its 40th anniversary, our club is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and we just opened a new club house. The 2013/2014 season started in September.

As one of the most international rugby clubs in the Netherlands, we welcome players from all the major rugby-playing countries - who are expats, exchange students, exploring Amsterdam or looking for their Dutch roots - to join us. Although an amateur club, ARC is well positioned to welcoming serious players and supporting them in their process of sportive growth. ARC has doubled its size in 10 years. We are now one of the largest rugby clubs in the Netherlands with 4 senior men's teams, a ladies team, a veterans team and a huge (120+) and very successful youth division (boys and girls).

Men: ARC 1 plays rugby in the Dutch Premier Division, while ARC 2 plays in the 3rd division (North West) and ARC 3 plays in the 4th division (North West). ARC 4 is being set up and does not yet participate in the competition. Our first team is a well-balanced side that houses 2 to 3 former Dutch national team players, as well as 3 to 4 top foreign players who raise the level of the club considerably. ARC 1, 2 and 3 train on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7.30 pm (ARC 1) and 8 pm (ARC 2 and ARC 3). ARC 4 trains on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 8 pm.  

Women: our Ladies team (the All Blues) plays in the 2nd division. It trains on Tuesdays from 8 pm in Amstelveen and on Thursdays from 8 pm in Hilversum.

What ARC is looking for
We always welcome new players (all positions, at any level) to broaden our selection and beef up our different sides. We are not looking for professional rugby players but for good players and good club men and women who fit into our open albeit competitive club atmosphere and are willing to help us along.

ARC is located at Sportlaan 25a in Amstelveen (entrance at Startbaan 9).

Our mission
Our club's mission for the current season is to show that ARC 1 belongs in the Premier Division, at the same time building a strong development team (ARC 2) and bringing our Colts team (under 19) along. We will once again be separating the top sport section from the senior social sides. Our veterans team and gay rugby team will play social rugby as much as possible as well.

For the coming years we want to further build up our strength and provide the coaches, facilities (weights training, fitness, running as well as rugby) and opportunities for Dutch and foreign players alike to continually raise the level of own game, do well in the Premier Division and prepare ourselves to eventually win the Dutch championship. We also want to further establish our enthusiastic Ladies team in the Dutch rugby scene. We want to provide a training school for future Dutch national team players, and a stepping stone for non-Dutch players looking for the ‘game at its best'. Our special Youth Academy is a good example of our dedication!

Our technical committee, pitch and coaching staff
Our excellent pitches and clubhouse rate among the best in the country and the coaching staff is impressive with 5 IRB Level 1/2/3 coaches on staff. On top of this we are deploying trainer/players at a first team level as well. 

Our Youth division (now 120+ member from 6-18)
We have a fast growing youth division in ages from 6-18, both boys and girls, expertly trained by many top coaches or former top players, and coordinated by ARC Board member and youth chairman Gerben Ouwens. Former Dutch National team coach Erik Hengeveld will be assisting at youth level once again. This way we can provide a good 'rugby school' at all levels. Youth trainers will include include Erik van den Heuvel, Gert-Jan Combee, Diego Moll (all former Dutch Youth team members), Robert van Trigt (Netherlands A), Ruud Hengeveld (Netherlands B), Gustavo Rota (Argentina), Nils Lauffer (former Natonal 7’s international), Leon Koenen (present Dutch 7’s and 15’s national team player) and guest trainers from the first team.